you2us ... your partner in customer life cycle management



Just imagine...

customers sticking to your company ... like glue.
word-of-mouth about your products & services ... spreading like wildfire.
clients' feedback for free ... pushing your R&D dept. towards amazing results.
sense-making technology... working for you.
a clear focus about customers' wants and needs ... increasing revenue with less effort
a customer life cycle managed for you by a specialist.

Are you comfortable with that?

Sure ! Not just because it's better to be one step ahead of your competitor these days. But in more and more buying decisions, customer life cycle management will influence the decision and will even become crucial .

Just imagine...

let us deal with your customer information and turn raw data into rock-solid manageable customer life cycles!

You2us is proudly offering you the source of it's success:
resources, knowledge, rocksolid operational management and ideas ( which won't put the vacuum cleaner in your budget ) joined together
to optimise your company's performance.

You2us is dynamic and experienced, specialised in consulting and executing customer life cycle management.

You2us is your partner to optimise, plan, execute and manage your customer service projects. We're relentless in pursuing new ideas !

Heartbeat-marketing has a lot of topics to unfurl, but best of all, lots of benefits for your company! Marketing starts from inside out, so if you have questions, please read along the FAQS about the WIIFM-factor *

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